Trust Your Intuition

how to improve focus and concentration

how to improve focus and concentration

how to improve focus and concentration

Have you ever made a decision only to later regret it?


Do you ever just wish you knew if he was the one?


Maybe you’re ready for life to be a little easier?


Intuition is the solution!


“Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion.”

– Steve Jobs.


Here are 5 easy steps to supercharge your intuitive powers!


1) Set your expectations and allow it.


Gut feelings. Hunches. Instincts.

You’ve experienced it.

Think of a time when you knew that person was no good or the times you knew who was calling before you even picked up the phone.

Expect your intuitive voice to be present and to be heard.

Recognize your intuitive nudges throughout your day.


Pay attention to the subtle messages you intuitively receive.

You have every expectation to use your eyes tomorrow. You anticipate hearing the sounds of the day when you wake. Expect your intuitive voice to whisper guidance. The more you use this sense, the louder she’ll become.


2) Know your preferred intuition style. 


This correlates to your preferred learning style.


How do YOU learn?


Would you consider yourself an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner?

This week’s video helps you identify your intuitive voice and how to know that you know. Watch it here!



Often the way you study and learn information is the same way you will naturally receive intuition.


3) Know your preferred ESP.

Extra Sensory Perception!

Your sixth sense comes through one or several of your other five senses:


  •  Seeing
    • for example: receiving images through your third eye, seeing actual images and sparkly lights


  • Hearing
    • for example: receiving messages in sounds, voices and songs


  • Tasting
    • for example: experiencing the sensation of flavor in your mouth like mint, candy or copper


  • Feeling
    • for example: gut feeling, goosebumps, holding an item and having a sense about it


  • Smelling
    • for example: suddenly noticing scents that aren’t present, like flowers, crayons, cigarettes or pipes


Your ESP is your intuition coming through. This is not your imagination. It’s you having heightened senses so you can take action and make the right decision.

4) Take Action

It’s the same with every skill. The more we do it – the better we become.


A basketball player practices a lay-up repeatedly. One day, her muscle memory kicks in. She’s shooting baskets flawlessly and naturally.


It’s the same with your intuition. You hear and then you trust and take action. That action creates confidence and skill.


A vocal coach works with you to strengthen your voice. Through practice and application you suddenly are the lead singer in your group or the headliner for karaoke night! You are confident in your skills and are letting your voice shine.


Let your intuitive voice sing out loud as well!


5) Keep track of your intuition success stories

Have a notebook by the side of your bed. After you snuggle under the covers, detail your intuitive nudging.


Boost about your superpowers as you answer the following questions.


  • How did your intuitive voice communicate with you?
  • Did you confirm your knowing or did you even need to?
  • Was it easy to take action or did you feel hesitant?
  • What was the successful outcome?
  • How do you feel?


The more you practice the stronger your knowing becomes.

The stronger your knowing, the more you recognize, trust and confidently take action.

How intuitive are YOU?


Take my FREE quiz and find out now!  Explore your intuitive gifts and see how strong your intuition superpowers are!

How intuitive are you






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How to Trust Your Intuition

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Trish Mckinnley

About the author:

Trish Mckinnley is a well-respected intuitive spiritual teacher, coach, author, speaker, and Reiki Master. She shows people how to strengthen their own intuitive gifts by drawing on the forgotten tools of the universe. Follow her now to discover so many incredible ways that the natural world supports us all, and helps take us from stress to success!