Trish McKinnley smiling with 'Angel Reading May 19 to May 25' beside her

Here is your angel card reading for the week! These angel messages provide insight and direction for the week! 💖


In this angel reading I’m going to draw 3 cards. Close your eyes, take a breath and focus on one area of your life where you’d like a little clarification.


If you feel like you should jump to card #3, then please jump to card #3. That’s your intuition telling you and whatever you feel is the right path for you.


All three cards might resonate with you but maybe only one will.


Listen to your intuition, it will let you know!


Card 1 : 2:28
Card 2 : 5:29
Card 3 : 8:22



Which card was for you?


Thank you for tuning in for this week’s angel card reading!


Did you feel like all the cards spoke to you or just one? Please let me know which card resonated with you in the comments.






Trish Mckinnley

About the author:

Trish Mckinnley is a well-respected intuitive spiritual teacher, coach, author, speaker, and Reiki Master. She shows people how to strengthen their own intuitive gifts by drawing on the forgotten tools of the universe. Follow her now to discover so many incredible ways that the natural world supports us all, and helps take us from stress to success!