Chiron Retrograde Healing Powers : 7 Steps to Use Its Invigorating Influence

Chiron Retrograde 7 ways to harness its healing powers

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Chiron is known as the “wounded healer.” Bringing wisdom, insight and healing, Chiron turns your pain into healing and  whenever you work with him. Especially now! Chiron Retrograde healing powers are heightened!

  • Do you ever feel it’d be nice to break free from self doubt?
  • Boost your self love?
  • Stop getting into destructive relationships?

Maybe you had no idea about Chiron. Maybe you had no idea about Chiron Retrograde. But! Maybe you do know you want a happier, healthier life. Chiron retrograde is gonna help you achieve this faster. 

What Chiron actually helps you heal.

Emotional wounds are usually the most difficult to heal. They cut so deep and often get buried.

Let them come to the surface so Chiron can help the healing begin.

Identify an area where you’d like healing.

Maybe heartache, an area where you feel rejected or abandoned, or an area where you feel you may not be up to how you should be? Maybe your self-esteem is still taking a little bit of a hit. You’re suffering from a bad case of not really feeling the self-love. You’re not giving yourself all the kudos that you deserve. Or, maybe you know you have really important things to say, but you’re not gonna speak it out.

Well, Chiron is here to help you.

When we have a retrograde, it just means slow down and re-examine. Look deep within. Examine where you’ve been and recognize where you want to go. See how those two connect with each other. Look how they influence the other. Look at what’s blocking you from achieving your success.

For example, maybe you want to go forward, but you have a fear from the past that’s stopping you. Chiron’s going to be able to help you identify and answer the questions

  • where am I wounded
  • what pains do I still have
  • what pain am I holding onto that is blocking me from going forward 🧡



What’s the deal with Chiron?

Chiron was originally identified as an asteroid that then became a dwarf planet similar to Pluto, although I still really love Pluto and  he’ll always be a planet to me.

We first meet Chiron in Greek mythology. Born a centaur, Chiron, is totally rejected by his shocked parents who promptly abandon him. You can see where he can empathize your pain. Rejection ✅ Abandonment issues ✅.

It’s okay though. He gets adopted by Apollo, (the god of almost everything).  Apollo, teaches Chiron  music, poetry, prophecy and the healing arts. (Yay Apollo!)

So instead of being the normal savage and bullying centaur, Chiron was known for being very, very wise, a wonderful teacher, a marvelous mentor, and also a gifted healer.

How to heal with Chiron

Just like Chiron was able to help heal everybody else, he’s also able to help you overcome whatever is holding you back.

Identify where you want to have this major shift.

Where do you want the healing? Maybe it’s your self-esteem, self-love, or you feel abandoned, feel unworthy, fear of being you.

Once you’ve identified, let the healing begin.

Seven ways Chiron Retrograde will bring the healing.

1. Art therapy: Color me happy

color for chiron retrograde healing powers

Grab your crayons! Grab a coloring page, and set your timer for seven to 10 minutes. Color the page. Chiron is really big on bringing intuitive messages. He had the gift of prophecy. So he enables you to tap into your intuition, know the divine guided steps for you to take to completely release whatever’s blocking you, take the action step to then pull back in your power and go forward.

2. Rhyme time for all the feels

Write poetry. Remember back in the day when you used to write in a diary and you would just have all of these different words come out? They were so heartfelt. Well, it’s the same with your poetry. Even if you just have to do a roses are red, violets are blue, explore the poetry to bring up those feelings, and then make sure you always finish with a poem speaking love about you.



3. As Karen Carpenter sang, “Sing outloud!”

sing chiron retrograde healing powers

Sing. Use your voice and sing. Look, you sing in the shower. You start singing out loud other places. When you’re making dinner, you’re driving somewhere, whatever you’re doing, look for every opportunity to sing. It opens up your throat chakra. It rearranges different vibration within your body. It’s extremely healing. Chiron used music for healing and so should you.


4. Bath time is zen time

chiron retrograde healing powers in bath time

Take a detox bath. Use Epsom salt. If you have some rose quartz, place that around or even in the water. Use essential oil, especially bergamot, which is extremely awesome for self-care, self-love, and celebrating your awesome unique self.


5. Release and Forget about it

Perform a release ceremony. Now maybe you already have your favorite. Like it’s a burning ceremony or a full moon ritual, or maybe you’re even open to a new release ritual. I have a link in the description below if you would like a new release ceremony. Whatever is your preference, just do the release and let it go. Yeah, say, “Bye, bye,” and say, “Hello,” to new and wonderful you.


Grab the Free Release Ceremony Here:


6. Music is for everyone

music with chiron retrograde healing powers

Play music, even if you’re not a musician. You really are at heart. Use music to boost your mood, to inspire you to release any fears and encourage the hopes and dreams. You can play along with a makeshift drum or even banging pots together. Play along with the music. Music is also such a part of Chiron. Chiron Retrograde healing powers are heighten with music that moves you. Pointedly chosen music is going to enable you to tap deep within and let the music of your soul out.


7. Energy ball to the rescue

Since Chiron was so helpful in healing, you can make an energy ball and offer that healing to yourself. An energy ball exists of pulling in the divine energy of the entire universe into your hands. Then powering it up with love, healing, and whatever that desire is that you knew was blocked. (You’re unblocking it because you already identified what you want healed.) The solution IS in the energy ball you just created.

Place your created energy ball in your heart. If you want a little bit more information on energy balls, you can watch my video, How to Create an Energy Ball on YouTube.

Meanwhile, you have chakras at the palm of your hands. Wake them up by rubbing your hands together (like your fingers are cold and your trying to warm up) or even clapping your hands. You’ll feel the vibration pulsating from hand to hand.

Next, add different words that label the healing you desire. Then, when you feel like that energy ball is throbbing, is vibrating, full of healing energy, place it in your heart.


chiron retrograde healing powers of the heart


Chiron is retrograde from July 11 through December 15, 2020. Doesn’t matter, you’re able to use Chiron energy all of the time. Retrograde just means it’s gonna be a little bit easier to dig on down and find out what it is that’s blocking you and blocking your blessings. So uncover at any point, you’d like to work with Chiron, just use this retrograde right now using those seven steps and get your life going. Your dreams are waiting. 


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A quick recap of the 7 Ways to use Chiron Retrograde Healing Powers for emotional healing

#1 – Use a morning coloring page for meditating

#2 – Use poetry for your  soul to speak and heal 

#3 – Sing! Use your voice to call in the healing 

 #4 – Take a Detox Bath

#5 – Do a Release Ceremony

#6 – Explore music therapy

#7 – Make a healing energy ball


Use Chiron Retrograde for any emotional healing and release. 


“Let me turn your pain into purpose,” – Chiron



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