What is an Energy Ball & How do I Create One?

How To Create an energy ball

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Ever need an energy boost? Are you wanting to manifest even faster and better? Are you wondering what an energy ball even is? Well then you’re in great luck ’cause today you are going to learn how to create an energy ball.


Now you may have heard of Kamehameha in Dragon Ball Z or Goku’s fireball, and that’s not the same.


You might have heard of the delicious energy balls that you eat. That’s not the same either, but I do have that recipe included in this week’s download.


You may have heard of an energy ball being a “chi ball,” and that is the same.
Chi is the life force energy.


The focus of an energy ball is to connect with this powerful life force,

the universe’s energy and then use it in a powerful, positive way.


Once you learn how to make your energy ball, you’ll be able to use it wherever you want to give positive energy.

  • when you’re really exhausted, you’re gonna be able to quickly re-energize.
  • when you’re feeling under the weather, you’re gonna be able to burn away the yuck
  • when your pet isn’t feeling very well and you wanna offer healing for them
  • when you want to surround yourself with an added layer of protection
  • when you want to work closer with angels
  • when you want one of the secrets to manifesting the day that you want. 

So getting to understand how to create your energy ball is gonna open up a whole new world for manifesting the life you desire.


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What exactly is an energy ball?

An energy ball is an energy field created within your hands.

You pull the energy into your hands and then you can “harness the power.”

Play with it, Apply the energy to the area that you desire.

You’ve probably already felt energy with your hands!

Just think about it.

Think about the power when you shake someone’s hand and you get a feeling. Sometimes it feels like a warning.

You just know there isn’t something right or that they’re gonna cause trouble.

Other times, you sense a warmth or love from their hand. You just know they’re someone to be trusted.

Consider a time when someone reaches out to comfort.

They place their hand on your shoulder. Their support seems to spread warmth all throughout your body. Sometimes they put a hand on your arm. You feel the love and encouragement.

Ooooh, and when they hug! You get hand chakras and heart chakra all offering love!

It’s like a big mug of hot cocoa with heaping whipped topping!

energy ball is soothing like hot cocoa



Hand Chakras

Each palm has a chakra.

A chakra is a spiraling wheel of energy that’s used for receiving energy and releasing energy.

Our hand chakras help us manifest openness, creativity and confidence. So if we have open chakras:

  • We’re open to receiving compliments, our self-worth feels really good.
  • We celebrate our gifts and talents instead of negating them.
  • We don’t suffer from writer’s block.
  • We are open to someone’s opinion even when it doesn’t agree with us.
  • We’re able to grasp the situation. We’re able to sense the subtle differences when we walk into a room.
  • We’re able to feel things. It just doesn’t feel right. You’re able to touch something and get a sense of it.


And, just like other chakras, our hand chakras can get blocked or be overactive, so I’ve included in today’s freebie how to unblock or open your hand chakra.


How to create an energy ball

To learn how to make an energy ball watch this video for a visual demonstration.


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How to use your energy ball for manifesting

Once you’ve made your energy ball, you are now holding this spectacular orb in your hands.

Similar to airwaves, even if you can’t see it
the energetic frequency IS THERE!

Holding the energy in your hands, determine one thing you would like to add into your day. This is going to be placed into your ball. It’s adding extra oomph to that subject.

  • Maybe it’s some additional love?
  • Additional healing?
  • Money for your bills?
  • Manifesting a great day?

Whatever it is (and you can put all you want) but whatever it is, act like you’re adding little sticky notes to your energy ball. Each sticky note has the words written what you want to manifest.  Words like “love”,”joy”, “happiness”.

Pay attention to what happens to your energy ball with each sticky note added. Did you notice a subtle difference to your ball? Did the weight change? What about your hands? Did they become more tingly? A difference in temperature?


Whatever words you’ve added, know that this energy ball is full of pure, positive light.

Pure, positive love.

Say aloud, “It is my intention of this ball to only offer blessings for my highest good.”

Now take your energy ball and place it into your heart.

hands on heart chakra

Energy Ball Exercises

Want more tips on empowering your energy ball? Exercises on adding power to your energy ball? Maybe you’re interested in ensuring your hand chakras aren’t blocked?


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You’ve got the POWER!!


Please be sure to comment what did you experience when you were doing your energy ball. Did you have some tingliness? Did you have some warmth? Or did you feel nothin’ at all? I would love to hear from you. 


Know anyone who could use some good vibrations? Please feel free to share this with them! 





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