Cutting Cords of Attachment: A Simple and Powerful Technique

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We’re going along, having a great day and then *BAM* thoughts of an ex ruins the day. Or, we suddenly have a wave of guilt over something from years ago.  And, don’t even get me started on getting snagged by a whirlwind of worry or anxiety over something we don’t even realize! All of these mess up our manifesting magnificence. It’s time for cutting those cords of attachment in an easy, simple and powerful way.


Use these steps for immediate release. Don’t let another day go by without cutting these emotional and spiritual cords. You’re worth it!


Set Your Intention

You can do this mentally or by stating aloud.

When I’m doing this I say something like, “It is my sincere intention to release all limiting connections associated with this so that I may be vibrationally free.”

(I feel that by claiming “vibrationally free” I’m releasing all the memories, emotions, spiritual and physical connections in one phrase. You can add as much as you want!)

Set your intention of the outcome you desire.



You can do this with your eyes open or closed.


In your mind’s eye, or imagination see yourself standing in your “special” place. (Special place is a place you can go to in your mind where you feel safe, relaxed, and most at ease. Maybe a beach? The mountains?  Your bedroom?)

Next, imagine seeing a colored wire from you to 12 feet away. (This could be any color that comes to you intuitively.)


Follow the wire and notice connected to the other end of the wire is the person, or object you’re desiring to release or forgive.

 If you aren’t sure what it is that you’re releasing, you just know there’s something, then use a box.

Imagine a box on the other end of the wire. What you want to move on from is stuffed in there. It can be a plain brown box, or you can create an elaborate, decorated box. Just get it into place and see the wire connecting to you.




Cut the Connection


Once you see the wires, imagine cutting the wires connecting you.

Use your fingers to create scissors (like when you’ve played, Paper-Rock-Scissors) and snip the wires. Hear the snip and watch the wires drop away from each other.

Imagine angels holding massive sheers and cutting the wires. 

Imagine you and angels cutting the wires together.






Looking at the cut wires, imagine them disintegrating into shimmering, fading lights.


Look at the person, object or box.

Lift your hands to your sides, palm facing them, let the words be expressed from your heart and your soul, as you say aloud,


“I thank you, bless you and release you.”

“I thank you, bless you and release you.”

“I thank you, bless you and release you.”


Imagine the person, object or box fading away.


Cleansing Breath


When the wires and person/object are gone, take a cleansing breath. This resets and refocuses your vibration.


Relax your shoulders, take a long breath in through your nose (to the count of 4).

Hold your breath for a second or two at the top of the inhale.

Then, slowly release your breath through your parted lips (to the count of 6). The exhale will probably resemble an audible sigh of relief.






Immediately wash your hands. (You can use hand sanitizer, normal soap, sugar scrub or even just imagining wiping your hands clean of the situation.)

Take a detox bath in Epsom Salt.


Try another blockage release with this free download. 


Know that you ARE free and clear of those connections. If you have a relapse (maybe thinking about it has become a habit or there is something that sets off that loop) then quickly state the words again, “I thank you, bless you and release you.”


Congratulations on loving and respecting your beautiful soul!

Own your power.




You are a dazzling light, made from stardust, meant to shine!









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