Mercury Retrograde Effects Communication: 6 Ways to Use It Wisely

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Computer glitches. Phones seeming possessed and suddenly you’re revisiting old relationships. You’re not crazy. You are sensitive to the cosmic energy of Mercury Retrograde.
Mercury Retrograde impacts electronics, travel, contracts and communication.
Just like the Sun provides energy and impacts our mood, Mercury Retrograde affects communication.
You’ve probably experienced it.
  • Weird text messages surfacing on your phone?
  • Your computer frozen, emails suddenly lost?
  • Somehow being misunderstood however clear you’re communicating?
  • Mixed signals in relationships or even past relationships popping back up?


Why not use this knowledge to your advantage?

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Here are 6 ways to use Mercury Retrograde in Effective Communication

1. Review All Communication

Before you push “send” on an e-mail, text or post, take the time to review your message. Are there any words that can deliver a different message than what you want? Reading aloud helps your ear catch an “off” message. Take the time to double check the right recipient! (I accidentally sent a group text that was meant ONLY for my husband!????)

2. Use Patience in Conversations

Whether on the phone or in person, be sure to not hurry. No rushing through conversations and jumping to conclusions. Ask clarifying questions and wait out the response. This is definitely NOT the time to assume. Make sure everyone is hearing the same message. Taking the extra time to confirm the same message is being shared by everyone will save time and frustration later.

3. Communicating In The Past

Mercury Retrograde brings an energy of reminiscing. In the spirit of that flow, re-examine past relationships. Are there any that need revisiting? Anything that needs adjusting? Healing? This is a perfect time to bring love to previous misunderstandings.
What if you already have excellent communication?
If everything is great, then consider the preferred communication style of your closest loved ones. Consider exploring the love languages so you communicate even clearer with others and yourself. 

4. Give yourself plenty of time

This is the time to be understanding with others and yourself. What normally takes 5 minutes will suddenly be taking 15! Sure, it’d be great for something to not take “long” but time seems to have a mind of its own, especially during Mercury Retrograde.
A favorite expression of my mom’s was, “the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.” Whenever you’re doing something or going somewhere, giving yourself extra time creates a smooth journey. 

5. Contracts

Contracts get impacted too. Communication around contracts can be confusing enough without Mercury Retrograde. Use this time to pay special attention to the small print. Contracts with phones, cable, and many others will all benefit by having a second set of eyes reviewing or even delaying, if possible.
But you must sign NOW!
If you absolutely need to sign a contract during this time, ask your angels to reveal all, provide clarity and expose any unjust wording/stipulations. “Dear angels, please guide me to see and address any unjust wording. Thank you for pointing out all that I need to see and correct. Thank you for your assistance on helping me attain my highest path.”

6. Journal

Good old pen and paper. Use this time to journal. You have the power of the past attempting to communicate messages that may have been overlooked, forgotten or never even seen.
Write every morning or night. Add the special moments that impacted your day.  As you’re writing, allow other thoughts to be captured on your paper. Divine guidance is especially prevalent during this time.
Frustration occurs when we have a particular outcome in mind and we seem to be thrown off-course, tangled and squeezed. Entering into any situation with knowledge helps prepare for a smooth time. (It’s like having a cheat sheet for navigating and skating through easy-peasy.)
And, if you’re spotting this post after Mercury Retrograde – no worries!
Mercury Retrograde happens every 88 days so if you miss it this time,  there’ll be another zipping around soon.






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