Arranging Crystals in Your Home Roundup

crystals around the house


Crystal LOVE!

After manifesting our farm, we manifested building our beautiful dream-come-true home. Part of the magic of this home was incorporating crystals in the foundation, in the walls and in the decorating!

So I was thrilled to be included in this recent Redfin article:

How to Arrange Crystals in Your Home, According to the Experts

As with any interior design style, the best decor elements are ones that balance aesthetics and function. And the same can be applied when using crystals in the home. While displaying a crystal in any room may seem to do the trick, placing them strategically can help transform your space into one of positivity.

Wondering how to arrange crystals in your home but not sure how to get started? We’ve got you covered. Redfin reached out to us and other experts from Vancouver, BC, to Miami, FL, for our best tips and tricks on arranging crystals in your home to help remove the guesswork. From the outside in, here are 16 ways to use crystals in your home.

 How to Arrange Crystals in Your Home, According to the Experts

I hope you enjoy this article with so many great ideas!


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