How to Safely & Quickly Connect to Your New Tarot / Oracle Deck

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When you get a new tarot or oracle deck do you connect to your tarot deck?
It’s so exciting when we get our new oracle or tarot deck but are you aware of the five things you must do in order to make the most of your new deck?
I have worked with many decks and have applied this whether getting a brand new oracle or tarot deck or even a used one.
These five steps are going to help you connect. And that’s exactly what you want to do because sometimes you just want to have an answer, sometimes you want to have a confirmation, sometimes you’re looking for a little bit of clarity or guidance and
That’s exactly what you’re going to create by really doing these five steps and getting to know your brand new deck (brand new to you at least).
(At the end I have a special goodie for you, so be sure to check it out!)

(As an Amazon Associate I earn commissions from qualifying purchases made through links on this post at no additional cost to you.)

1. Ground Yourself and Set Intention

Step number one is grounding yourself and setting your intention.
To ground yourself get comfortable and relaxed.
Put both feet on the ground.
Allow your thoughts to come inward. Because normally we’re really scattered and thinking about many things, so bring it all in.
Then imagine that you are opening to the divine from your crown chakra (at the top of your head). See yourself opening and pulling in that energy all the way through you as if you’re a cylinder.
You’re pulling that energy into you and down into the ground, feeling settled and feeling grounded
Now setting your intention. Your intention is to get to know these cards to have a free communication and connection with each card. You want to be shown exactly the message each and every time you connect with that card. You may have some other things that you want to add, that’s fine too.
This is just groundwork. Be sure to set your intention once you’re grounded and you’re gonna find the rest of the steps super easy.

2. Smudge to Cleanse Deck

The next step is cleaning away all of the energy from your deck so that it has a pure connection with you.
That’s why I like to cleanse using one of these three ways:
Use a palo santo stick because it keeps all the positive energy but gets rid of all the negative energy.
Or you can even swipe it through a candle after you have that candle lit you can use that to cleanse away all the negative energy by moving the deck through the smoke.
You can even use music whether it’s a chime, a singing bowl, or singing a song to it. By using music you’re also able to reset the tone of your deck.

3. Invite Divine Guidance

Next, hold your deck between both of your palms invite angels and fairies to work with you and help you connect with each card.
You don’t have to say anything in particular, just let it be from your heart. No pressure.
Be sincere and ask for their guidance.
You may want to say something like, “Angels, please help me connect with this deck, each card and each divine message. Thank you!”

4. Meet Each Card

Next, introduce yourself to each individual card.
You want to connect with it. When you look at it you want to feel and experience all the sensations that accompany each individual card.
So you might notice a particular thing that the artist drew.
Or you might suddenly have your attention drawn to an interesting feeling, sensation, smell, maybe even a flavor suddenly appears.
Pay attention to the guidance your angels and fairies provide with each and every card.
Now I know it can feel overwhelming because your deck might be 43 cards, 78 cards or even 88 cards.
However many  cards there are doesn’t matter- even if there are only eight cards- it pays in dividends to really connect with each and every card.

5. Journal About Each Card

Next you want to journal about each card.
The reason why as you’re creating this little job description about each card your journal is going to become a reference point as you begin to really work with this deck.
Maybe this deck is only going to be used for personal use, but you might use this deck when it comes to doing readings for others where you’re offering some suggestions, clarity or guidance.
Please take the time to journal because what you’ll find is that you’re going to be able to continue to add messages and ideas to then use your journal as an ongoing communication tool.

To review the steps:

First, ground yourself and set your intention.
Second, smudge your deck. Smudge it using your preferred tool.
Third, invite fairies and angels in to work with you and this deck.
Fourth, meet each card individually.
And fifth, journal about your entire experience with each card adding descriptions, communication and insights.

If you’re able to, commit to seven days working with this deck.
By working with this card deck for seven days you’re going to find that you’re dreaming about it, that you’re really getting to know it, that it’s going to be a habit.
You’re going to feel very familiar and that continues the lines of communication. It opens and solidifies, creating a foundation that makes this deck truly a source of communication for you and your spiritual lifestyle.
Whatever spiritual question you have- you’ve got an answer or solution right here at your fingertips!
I’m so excited for you to connect to your tarot deck! You’re going to have an amazing time and get loads of guidance.
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Thanks for joining today!
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