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With so many great choices. How do you know which deck is best for you? Well, today I’m going to cover step by step, how to pick a tarot or oracle deck.
It really can seem like a daunting task to get that next deck or even your first. Luckily there are 5 really easy steps to help you pick the right deck.
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1. Set Your Intention

So, let’s begin with the very first step, which is setting your intention.
Set your intention, your desire to find the perfect deck. It seems pretty simple, but you know what? Just clear the air, you’re sending out that message to the universe, help me find the best deck for me.

2. Determine the Use

Next, determine the use for your cards.
Are they for personal use, only you, or are you going to be sharing this deck with others? Whether it’s family, friends, or maybe even professional readings.
If they are going to be used for several other people, then there’s gonna be a blend of energy in that deck.
If it’s for personal use and personal use only, then you’re going to have a vibration that’s for you and your angels, and it’s exclusive, it’s intimate, it will only be for you.
And that will impact which deck you get, because you will have a feeling of, ooh, this is just for me. Or you might come across with the deck with, I like it, I feel like I could read it and I feel like I could share.
You really will have a knowing which to go, but first determine is it for my personal use, or is it for personal plus my friends and family.

3. Oracle or Tarot Deck

Next decision to make, do you want an oracle deck or a tarot deck?
Now here’s the thing, an oracle deck gives you a lot of flexibility, a lot of room for interpretation. Sure you can read the guidebook and you’re gonna have additional guidance, but an oracle deck really helps you tune in with angels and help intuitively deliver the message.
A tarot deck has a structure to it, it has the major and minor arcana, and it’s in every single tarot deck. So, you know that if I come across the Fool in this deck or the Fool in that deck, I knew how to interpret that because there are specific meanings to that card.
It’s going to be a personal preference. Do you want a little bit more structure, or do you like a little bit more freedom and open up to hearing angel messages? Just remember you can get clear angel messages, whatever deck you choose.

4. Pick a Theme

Next, give some thought to what are your special interests? Are you intrigued with goddesses? Maybe you’re feeling a little bit more connected with mermaids. Perhaps it’s the animal in you that’s ready to come out. Maybe you wanna be a little bit more playful and tap into the fairy energy.
If there is something that’s already resonating in your heart, then take note of that.
You know, if you are in a season where exploring goddess energy, maybe you’re in a season of really pursuing your spirit animal, pay special attention to those particular themed decks. You will find that those speak a little bit clear during this season of your interest and studies.

5. Trust Your Intuition

And are you ready for this?
The most important detail, trust your intuition.
You probably already knew I was going to say that, but your intuition is a driver for everything.
Your intuition is going to guide you into a deck because you might have set your intention, you might have already determined that you wanted a tarot deck and then all of a sudden you come across this oracle deck, that’s not even in any of the areas that you thought you were interested in, and yet something resonated within your heart.
It spoke to you and you felt like, mm-hmm that’s the deck for me, your intuition trumps everything.
So, when you are attracted to purchasing a new deck, if your intuition isn’t screaming, that’s the one and already celebrating, ignore it, avoid it.
Get away from that deck and move onto the deck that really truly does make your heart sing. You’ll recognize it.
You’ll just know that’s the deck for me.
So to recap, first set your intention. Second, determined usage. Is it going to be for just your personal use or will other people be sharing it? Next, decide, do you want a tarot or oracle deck. Also think about the theme of your life. Are you going through a particular season where you find yourself naturally attracted to a particular genre. Also trust your intuition, that will trump everything.
Now, if you have more questions on picking your deck, please ask in the comment section below.
If you’d like to learn more about different tarot and oracle decks be sure to check out my deck review series in this post or on my YouTube Channel.
I’m so excited to find out and celebrate with you when you do find your perfect deck.
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