How to Benefit From Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde – Benefits

How to thrive during Mercury Retrograde

Are you wondering why Mercury Retrograde strikes such fear? Do you want to know how to benefit from Mercury Retrograde? 

Then you’re in the right place – I’m going to teach you how to make Mercury Retrograde your BFF 👭!

In order to understand Mercury Retrograde you’ve got to know the dealeo…


We refer to a planet being in retrograde when it appears to be moving backward in the night sky. Planets don’t actually move backward, but when viewing the night sky from Earth’s surface it is the apparent motion.


A planet in retrograde means that there is an illusion that the planet is going backwards.


Although the appearance of moving backwards is an illusion, the energy (and havoc) is real! Why?

Because the retrograde process is a time of reflection, re-dos and revisiting. It’s an opportunity to have a closer look and re-examine what we’re doing in case we need to make some major changes.


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What changes do you need to make in your life?


Each planet rules different aspects of our lives, so when that planet is in retrograde it helps us explore those areas.

So since Mercury “rules” communication, travel, electronics and contracts, Mercury Retrograde can impact our text messages, emails, phones, computers, car parts, morning commutes, etc. When these areas are impacted its to force you to reflect and slow down.


How to Benefit from Mercury Retrograde:

1 – Reflect & Revisit

This delightful astrological time brings your past front & center. If there’s a relationship, message or situation that you thought was over but suddenly can’t stop thinking about then it’s a good time to address it.

You might wake up thinking about your ex. Thoughts like “He was great wasn’t he? I should totally call and see how he’s doing.” 

Or maybe you jump into sleuth mode and prowl online to see what he’s up to.

Honey, if Mercury Retrograde is bringing them to the surface, it’s likely time to forgive him and let go! Be sure to forgive yourself as well (even if you did nothing wrong, forgiving yourself can be very healing). 

Do a release ceremony. Be grateful for the lesson of the relationship and let him go.


2 – Be Clear in Communication and Messaging

Mercury Retrograde effects electronic communication and self communication.

You might say one thing, but the other person hears something else, like your wires are crossed.

This can happen in texts, emails, phone calls, and even face to face conversations.

So don’t hastily press send or blurt out words. Take the time to be as clear & concise with your messages as possible and re-evaluate how you’re communicating.

Are you really always speaking in love?

Does it really need to be said?

Are you honestly choosing to be kind rather than spewing your “right” message?

This is a wonderful time for working on your messaging, seeing how others feel from your comments… and an empowering time to bring love, manners and patience back to all forms of communication.


Mercury Retrograde impacts communication, but what about your Intuitive communication? Use my checklist to AMP up your intuitive voice!


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This is also an important time to consider how you talk to yourself. What are you telling yourself? Is that really what you want programmed in your subconscious?

For example, do you always say “I can’t do this”? Mercury Retrograde is the time to shift, delete and replace with an empowering statement like “I’ve got this!”



3 – Allow Extra Time

With transportation getting all jacked up (on top of wonky communication) be sure to give yourself plenty of time when traveling. Double check your directions, plan to arrive early and give yourself buffer time. By giving yourself ample time you save yourself any extra stress by long waits, traffic jams or delays.

And if you arrive early, just use that time for something for you… maybe meditate, have a special piece of fruit to enjoy, spend the time reading from your fav book…


It’s a win/win!!




Knowledge is empowering. So remember Mercury Retrograde is gonna:

  • Have you revisiting past relationships,
  • Help you work through what you’re communicating,
  • Impact anything electronic (including transportation) 


By following this advice you’re gonna benefit from Mercury Retrograde and set yourself up for the win in life!

And since Mercury Retrograde happens 3-4 times a year, embrace it as a friend visiting to help you rather than a bully coming to torment you.


Have you noticed Mercury Retrograde impacting your life or are you immune to its effects? Comment below and share let me know!




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