Angel Card Reading: May 12 – 18

Angel Reading

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Since May 12 (Sunday) is Mother’s Day here in the US, I’m using a deck that speaks to the incredible power of all women for this angel card reading.


This gorgeous Goddess Power Oracle Deck is by Colette Baron-Reid and illustrated by Jena Della Grottaglia.


Weekly Angel Reading

I love the spectacular imagery and the words that were selected for each card in this deck.


When using a deck if the given words don’t feel right I just look at the images and use them to intuitively download the messages being conveyed.


Whether you are a mom, want to be a mom or are a mom to fur babies, you are a nurturer.


You’re ready to share love, you give out a lot of love, but you may not be giving as much love to yourself.


Are You Open to Loving Yourself?


In this angel reading I’m going to draw 3 cards. Close your eyes, take a breath and focus on one area of your life where you’d like a little clarification.

If you feel like you should jump to card #2, then please jump to card #2. That’s your intuition telling you and whatever you feel is the right path for you.


All three cards might resonate with you but maybe only one will.


Listen to your intuition, it will let you know!




(Card 1 @ 2:02, Card 2 @ 4:23 & Card 3 @7:36)


Card 1 – Trust Your Intuition

(video @ 2:02)


Angel Reading - Goddess Deck

Green Tara – Salvation

  • Have more confidence in your inner knowing-ness. 


  • Notice how you intuitively sense things.


  • Don’t doubt or discredit the messages coming from your intuition.


  • Stand firm and know that the guidance you’re receiving is accurate and you should take action.


  • If you’re listening to your intuition, you’re going to gain faster clarity and have faster wisdom & action in achieving what you desire.  



Card 2 – Allow Creativity to Flow

(video @ 4:23)


Angel Reading - Goddess Deck

Brigid – Creative Spark

  • Explore your creativity (color, paint, connect the dots) and you’ll find other doors of creativity open. 


  • If you have writer’s block, are in a worry loop, can’t find a solution to a recent problem or have a blockage keeping you stuck, this card is reminding you to get creative to refresh your confidence and intuition.


  • Being creative opens a path for angelic guidance.


  • Creativity will realign you so that you connect to the path of alignment for attracting what you need for your dreams go come true.


  • When you allow the creative flow to move through you, then the insight you’re seeking will come to you faster and easier.  


Card 3 – Feel the Peace of Home

(video @ 7:36)


Angel Reading - Goddess Deck

Hestia – Home

  • For this reading I feel like home is the centering and state of peace & calm. Like that great feeling you get when you return home after traveling.


  • What is it that will nurture you and your soul so that you can feel at home with that balanced peace and calm?


  • When you can feel the tranquility of home you’re able to have a clear mindset to see the actions or steps that you need to take.


  • You need to get some balance back and you’ll get fresh, inspired thoughts and creativity.


  • You’ll be able to take divine action steps with confidence and courage and you’ll see quicker results.  



Which card was for you?


Thank you for tuning in for this week’s angel card reading!


I hope you’re feeling confident in trusting your intuition or that you will take some time this week to connect to your creativity.


And I hope you take some time for yourself to connect to that peaceful feeling of home.


Did you feel like all the cards spoke to you or just one? Please let me know which card resonated with you in the comments.





Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading


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