5 Leap Day Actions to Take for Unstoppable Manifestation

5 Leap Day Actions to Take for Unstoppable Manifestation

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1. The Leap Day List: Dream Big, Start Small

Before anything else, grab your favorite pen and a piece of paper.

Now, let’s dream big—write down three things you’d love to manifest. They could be as grand as starting your own business or as personal as improving a relationship. Got them? Great!

Now, here’s the twist: next to each big dream, write down one small, achievable step you can take today. Yes, today! It could be drafting the first page of your business plan or sending a ‘thinking of you’ message to a friend. By breaking down your dreams into bite-sized actions, you’re not just dreaming; you’re doing!

2. The Gratitude Loop: Thank and Receive

hands on heart chakraGratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. Woohoo!

So, for our second technique, create a Gratitude Loop. Take a moment to write down three things you’re grateful for. Feel the warmth of gratitude fill your heart.

Next, for each grateful point, imagine sending out a thank you into the universe. Now, envision receiving something wonderful in return. This could be inspiration, love, or a new opportunity. The key here is to feel as though it’s already yours.

Gratitude is a powerful frequency that attracts more goodness into our lives.


3. The Leap Day Letter: Post to Your Future Self

This is where it gets really fun. I LOVE this step!

Write a letter to yourself, dated February 29, 2028—yes, four Leap Years from now! Describe all the amazing things you’ve accomplished and how grateful you are for the journey. Be detailed and bold in your dreams.

Seal the letter in an envelope, and tuck it away somewhere safe. Or, if you’re tech-savvy, email it to yourself with a delayed send date. This is a powerful way to set your intentions and trust the universe to guide you.


4. Color Your Dreams: A Leap Day Vision Board

Grab some magazines, colored pens, stickers, or whatever creative tools make your heart sing and create a Leap Day Vision Board! But here's the twist: focus on colors that resonate with your dreams. Want more passion? Splash reds all over. Craving tranquility? Blues and greens are your go-to.

Cut out images, words, or just swathes of color and arrange them on a board or sheet of paper. As you do, infuse each piece with your intentions. Imagine each color vibrating with the energy of your dreams. This isn't just art; it's a visual and vibrant declaration of your aspirations!




Your unique goddess personality has preferences and strengths. These are some of your super powers in manifesting.

Here are some ideas for manifesting with your goddess personality on Leap Day. Remember, we're often a blend and you may feel intuitively called to do some of the other goddess leap day techniques. Feel free to mix, match, and modify these ideas to suit your personality and desires.

The key is to have fun and infuse your Leap Day with positive, manifesting energy!

Goddess of Action: Power Hour Sprint

Set a timer for one hour, during which you focus intensely on making as much progress as possible towards your goals. Before starting, declare your intentions loudly (to yourself or on social media). After the hour, celebrate your progress with a peculiar reward, like a solo dance party or a whimsical treat.

Goddess of Order: Manifestation Poetry Slam

Write a poem or song about your dreams and aspirations, focusing on the emotions and sensations associated with achieving them. Perform it for yourself in a dramatic reading, or go all out and record it, adding music or visuals for extra flair.

Goddess of Optimism: Costume Manifestation Party

Dress up as the future version of yourself who has already achieved all your dreams. Host a virtual or in-person party where everyone comes as their future selves and speaks only in present tense about their achievements and lifestyles. This not only solidifies your intentions but does so in a fun, imaginative way.


Goddess of Peace: Compliment Chain for Manifestation


Start a chain of compliments where each compliment you give to someone else is tied to an aspect of your own aspirations. For example, complimenting someone's creativity if you wish to manifest more creativity in your life. This unique approach combines giving with receiving, aligning with your harmonious nature.


Want to find out or confirm your goddess personality type? Take the quiz here. It'll get you started on the path to a more customized manifesting experience.


Whether you've decided to throw a Costume Manifestation Party, write a Leap Day letter, create a colorful Leap Day Vision Board, or perhaps invent your very own zany Leap Day tradition, remember this: February 29th is not just another date on the calendar—it's a magical ticket to Manifestation Town!


Let your imagination run wild, let your heart dream big, and let your actions speak the language of possibility. Leap Day is about breaking the mold, coloring outside the lines, and planting the seeds for the dreams you wish to see bloom.

So, my dear Manifestors, as we bid adieu to this Leap Day, remember: the magic doesn't end at midnight. Carry this energy forward, keep those dreams in your heart, and let the universe do its thing. Who knows? By the next Leap Year, you might just be living your dream life, looking back on this day as the moment when everything started to change.

If you're ready for timely manifesting tips and rituals for the year, be sure to check out The Manifesting Guidebook. I created it to give you my best manifesting tops aligned with the cosmic energies throughout the year.


Until then, keep leaping, keep laughing, and keep loving the journey. Because, in the grand tapestry of life, every stitch counts, and you, my beautiful friend, are creating a masterpiece.

Here's to making the most of today, tomorrow, and every day after.

With all the leap year love,

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