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'Words Are Powerful' with Trish McKinnley

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Have you ever caught yourself talking, but not really paying attention to what you’re saying? Sometimes I feel like I’m just going, “blah, blah, blah.” I think I’m adding great stuff when I’m actually filling up dead air or sharing stuff no one really cares about. 




Sometimes I’m just yappin’ away with myself! Have you ever just talked to yourself or mumbled under your breath?


Are you paying attention to what you’re saying?!


I was NOT until a friend warned, “Gurl! You are getting hung by your tongue!”


Ummm. Ewwww.


I got her message though. Don’t let your words limit you, block your blessings or claim a negative experience. God is listening! You know it. The Universe will deliver exactly what you were asking for!



Take your power back! 


Here’s a short Forgotten Tools of the Universe video helping you manifest what you want by getting propelled by your tongue. Wait. That sounds icky too. 




Enjoy the video!






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p.s. What words did you notice you’re saying? Is there a phrase you’ll be removing from your conversations? What about encouragement you’ll be adding? If you watched the video, which was your favorite suggestion? Please comment below and let me know!



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