Affirmations for the New Year

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The new year brings with it new ideas, opportunities and experiences. These affirmations for the new year will help you to start 2021 off on the right foot. Say them or write them daily or post them around your house as reminders.

Get ready for your best year ever!


New Year Affirmations:

I am open to experiencing my best year ever.

I am open to new and unexpected sources of income.

I get more and more healthy every day.

My body loves being healthy.

I am healthy, wealthy and wise.



I am releasing extra weight.

My muscles are trim and toned.

I am thriving.

I am strong.

I experience more joy each and every day.



I am beautiful.

I am open to new possibilities of success.

I get better and better each and every day.

My skin is beautiful, hydrated and glowing with health.

This year I am achieving new levels of success.


I am manifesting my best year yet.

I am experiencing new levels of success and prosperity this year.

This year will be even better than my wildest dreams.

I am experiencing more joy and happiness every day.

I am open to new, positive relationships.



I deserve to experience an abundance of romance and joy this year.

I am open to meeting my perfect partner.

I deserve to experience new and delightful levels of romance this year.

I am fit, healthy and well.

I love my life.




I am open to this year being even better than I can imagine.

I deserve to have my best year ever.

I deserve to manifest my greatest desires.

I am excited to see the miracles this year is bringing.

I am welcoming new friendships this year.




I feel happy, healthy and whole.

My life is fulfilling.

I give myself grace.

I release all thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me.

I release all thoughts and beliefs that may block my desires from manifesting.




I manifest my desires quickly and easily.

I am open to this year being full of more prosperity, happiness and wellness than I can even imagine.

I am experiencing success this year.

I welcome new and delightful experiences this year.

I easily release excess weight.

I am experiencing a prosperous year.

I am experiencing miracles this year.



Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoy these affirmations and find them useful as we start this new year. I’m visualizing 2022 to be a year of miracles and dreams coming true.

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Which affirmation above is your favorite? Do you have any others that you like using? Let me know in the comments below.



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