What is Intuition and How to Strengthen It


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Today we’re going to talk about how to awaken your intuition and 3 steps to strengthen it. 


Do you ever wonder how to make the right decision every time?


Do you wish you didn’t have regret after not listening to your inner voice?


Are you curious about how to connect to your intuition and strengthen it?



What is Intuition?


Intuition is your 6th sense (no, it’s not like the movie where you start seeing dead people everywhere) it’s your inner knowing, your soul’s guidance system.


According to the Oxford New American Dictionary, Intuition is the immediate understanding, knowledge, or awareness, derived neither from perception nor from reasoning.


You already have experience using your intuition. Have you ever walked into a room and felt the tension? Maybe you just knew your friend was going to have a baby boy.


Think about when you were a kid. You just knew that kid by the swings was a wonderful new friend to play with.


Maybe you knew something was going on with your parents even if you didn’t know exactly what. 


Your intuition will always guide you on the right path. 





Using your intuition will alleviate decision fatigue.


Should I take this class?

Should I say yes to a 2nd date?

Is he cheating on me?

Is she up to something?

Do I really need to go tonight?


We are constantly barraged with new information! But there is hope.


When you get quiet and listen to your intuition and when you trust your intuition, your path will become crystal clear.


You will have an intuition breakthrough!



3 Steps to Strengthen Your Intuition


1. Identify how you receive your intuition.

Just like our other senses, our intuition is unique to us and so it’s important to identify how your intuition speaks to you.


How I taste something is different than how you taste the same thing and how you sense your intuition is different from how I receive intuitive messages.


Do you get a gut feeling? Do you hear messages? Perhaps certain words or phrases pop into your mind.


Maybe you have an instinct, a knowing.


Or you might get physical sensations. Do you get goosebumps or tingling on your scalp?


What about an itch on the back of your neck or a tickle on your nose?


You might even sense a specific smell or taste.


Understanding how you sense your intuition will allow it to cut through the everyday noise so that you don’t have to waste time trying to make a decision.



2. Ask for Confirmation or a Sign.


This is a great step to practice when you first start practicing your intuition.


When you get a message from your intuition say “I would like to receive a sign of confirmation.”


If that’s too vague, say “I would life to see a feather” or “send me a penny to confirm.”


You can even come up with a specific sign for yourself.




A friend of mine did this when he was trying to make a career decision.


He listened to his intuition, but wanted confirmation. He asked to get a penny. Now, he has a thing for pennies, and they have to be heads up.


He had to pick up some groceries, but decided to go to a different store than usual.


When he got to the checkout he found not one, but two pennies.


The one he was drawn to was heads up.


If that weren’t enough, when he picked it up he noticed that the date on it was his birth year.


Don’t be afraid to ask for the confirmation!



3. Trust and Use Your Intuition.


When you get an intuitive sense to do something, follow it! Take action!


You might get a sense to call or text a friend. Do it!

Maybe you get a sense that you should take a different route to work.

You may even have a sense to go to a different grocery store. Do it!

The more you trust your intuition & take action, the stronger your intuition will become.


When you listen to your intuition, you no longer have to worry about FOMO.


You don’t fear that you’re missing out or not doing the right thing.


You know you’re in alignment, that you’re always in the right place at the right time.


I’d love to hear from you!


In the comments below, let me know how you would rank your intuition.


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