The Wild Offering Oracle Deck – Unboxing Review

Wild Offering Oracle Deck and big yellow crystal.

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The Wild Offering Oracle Deck by Tosha Silver and art by Katie Daisy is my second review of this Psychic September tarot/ oracle deck review series.

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You can watch my video review right below, or scroll on down for the written version.

The Wild Offering Oracle Deck – Opening/ Review

(As an Amazon Associate I earn commissions from qualifying purchases made through links on this post at no additional cost to you.)



First Impressions

The Wild Offering Oracle Deck feels has such cute, dainty designs.  I love the notches on the sides of the box that help you open it.

Below the cards in the bottom of the box there’s a cute butterfly image. Butterfly means transformation.


Wild offering oracle deck showing back of cards. Box and crystal in background.



This deck doesn’t include a guidebook. Instead, the top card provides an introduction on one side and info about the author and artist on the other side.


Wild Offering Oracle Deck- cards spread out on table top.



The Wild Offering Oracle Deck Cards

This deck includes 52 cards. The cards are a thick, nice quality.

Each card has a prayer or message on the front, framed with a unique, nature inspired design on each card.

The back of the deck has a floral and elephant design on a dark background.

This is an oracle deck, not a traditional tarot deck, so you won’t find the major and minor arcana.


Wild Offering Oracle Deck 3 card spread


The Wild Offering Oracle Deck is about releasing what is on your heart and offering it up to the divine so that you can truly let go. This is a really good deck to connect with your angels, or if you need divine encouragement and inspiration. You could use this deck for reminders, inspiration and hope.

It’s probably better suited for pulling a daily card for yourself rather than doing a full spread, but you could probably do a 3 card reading.

This is a lovely deck that would be amazing for connecting with your angels.

I created a special freebie just for you! Click here to grab your free Card Messages Daily Journal pdf.


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