The Essential Manifesting Guidebook 2023: Simple Steps to Create the Life You Truly Desire


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Would you like to have a step-by-step guide to manifesting the life of your dreams?

You’re in luck!

The Essential Manifesting Guidebook 2023 reveals how to apply the year’s cosmic events, astrological energies, and moon cycles for manifesting what you want.

Guide sheets and rituals are included. You can use these for attracting the relationships you want, aligning with the money flow, and creating the body you desire.

Do you ever wish Manifesting was easy?

It IS when you know the shortcuts. 

The Essential Manifesting Guidebook 2023 reveals how to apply the Law of Attraction with this year’s cosmic events, astrological energies and moon cycles for manifesting what you want. Apply these manifesting techniques to manifest love, manifest money and manifest health any time of the year.

In The Essential Manifesting Guidebook 2023, you’ll learn:

  • The cosmic events and why they’re such a big deal in manifesting
  • Simple and easy-to-do steps to use every day to manifest anything you desire
  • Every month’s unique energy and what that means for your dreams
  •  Detailed action plans & guided worksheets to use for each month’s powerful manifesting energy

Whether wanting to attract fulfilling relationships, aligning with money flow, or creating the body you desire – you know it’s time for YOU to manifest what you want, too! And now’s your chance!! This is your go-to, MUST-HAVE manifesting guide for making your dreams come true!

Comprised of 4 Parts, you’ll learn…


Each planet brings specific energy, focus and message. Whether the planet is your ruling planet or direct or retrograde, the planet is offering unique guidance for your manifesting.


Using the moon’s manifesting strengths and influences, you’ll be able to dial in and use it to your manifesting advantage. Each month and moon cycle carries its own specific focuses and energies. Using the newly added rituals, you’ll be able to tap into that energy giving you the cosmic upper manifesting hand. 


Whether you intentionally are manifesting with the cosmic events or simply allowing the vibrational upgrade, Cosmic Events occur delivering specific energies,
alignment, and manifesting shortcuts.  
Deliberately choosing to access these events
acts as a manifesting accelerant.


Each Astrological Sign offers massive insight and manifesting energies. You are able to utilize and empower your dreams whether this sign is yours or you are simply choosing to empower your manifesting with these energies. Knowing the secrets to working with each sign will positively impact your personal signs, moon cycles, and monthly positions.

This is your time… 

The Essential Manifesting Guidebook was created with you in mind. It is designed to equip you with confidence and tools to harness the power within you to manifest the life you’re destined to live.

Your desires and dreams are speaking to you for a reason. You’re meant to live the life you wish for.

This guidebook is your key to unlocking it! 

As a special bonus, when you purchase The Essential Manifesting Guidebook you’ll be able to register for your Manifesting 101 Course Bonus, Action Plans and Guides!

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