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It’s time to unleash your inner goddess! The Goddess Unleashed Oracle Deck re-establishes your relationship and connection to the wisdom your inner goddess and goddess guides. 

I created the Goddess Unleashed Oracle Deck to help you tune into and align with the higher, positive, manifesting vibrations that are ideal for living the life of your dreams. Each card is encoded with extra positive energy to support you on your journey.

Whether you’re doing reading for yourself or for others, each card-

  • shares an encouraging and unique message
  • reveals guidance aligned with your personal timely needs
  • provides the desired clarification and answers you’re seeking
  • has layers of encoded good vibration that will boost your mood and expedite  your manifesting timing
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The Goddess Unleashed Oracle Deck helps you connect with the blessings and gifts ever present within yourself and in our universe. Your manifesting attraction and intuitive gifts will spike.

This stunning deck includes 44 cards. The featured goddesses represent each of the 4 goddess personality types and overall goddess messages.

Use the accompanying guidebook for additional revelations, plus specific accompanying affirmations or tips for each card.

Each card shares a positive, inspiring message, aligning with your personal needs and desired clarification and answers.

The Goddess Unleashed Oracle Deck is the perfect accompaniment to your goddess journey. I’m so thrilled to share it with you! You can order your deck at The Goddessology Shop here.

What Next?

And once you receive your deck, how should you connect with it? Check out this post next for how to connect with your new oracle card deck. It’s some of my favorite tips for connecting with both tarot and oracle decks.

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Thank you for your support! It is so very appreciated!

Let me know in the comments what oracle deck you’d like next- power animals? A fairy deck? An angel one?

Always remember that you are created from the divine, out of star dust, designed to shine!

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