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Have you ever wished you could unlock the secrets to harnessing your own power and potential? Enter Goddess Sopdet—an ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility, change, and transformation.

Tapping into Goddess Sopdet’s positive influence can help you to empower your own life.

Who is Goddess Sopdet?

She is the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Sirius, the ‘dog star’.

Sirius is found in the constellation Canis Major. Because of this she was sometimes represented as a large dog or a woman riding a dog.

She was celebrated for accompanying souls into the afterlife and bringing the rich, abundant waters to the Nile.

When the star Sirius became visible each year, the waters of the Nile would flood, bringing fertility to the surrounding land. This powerful fertile energy can be used in your own life for some incredible manifestations.

Goddess Sopdet brings fertility!

Where would you like rich, fertile energies?

  • ✨ getting new clients
  • ✨ starting a new business
  • ✨ amplifying your business
  • ✨ expanding your environment/home
  • ✨creating new opportunities for deeper love
  • ✨stepping into new love

Decide where you’d like abundance and fertile grounds.

🌟Ask Goddess Sopdet for guidance.

⭐️Write in your journal the intuitive guidance you receive.

⭐️Connect with her star first thing in the morning!

⭐️Look for signs (her 5 pointed star) throughout your day.

Learn more about Sirius Gateway in the video below ⭐️🌟💫

Have you worked with Goddess Sopdet before? What would you like her help manifesting?

Which Goddess would you like to learn to work with? Let me know in the comments below.

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