FULL MOON: How to Harness Full Moon Energy for Positive Energy

Third Wave Full Moon

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Full moons are gorgeous and bright and…..(drumroll please) the perfect time for a release.


And, while you may be only speculating about werewolves shifting, you know there is definitely energy in the air. Right? You can totally feel it.

Full moon brings the energy of illumination.


The sky is lit up!


And so is your soul.


(Too corny?) Please don’t dismiss it though.


Is there something bugging you? Is there any area in your life you’ve been meaning or wanting to change? Is there something haunting you, keeping you down?


Then, this is the perfect time to dismiss that!


Fulll moon carries the energy of shining a light on the things we’ve stuffed and don’t want to look at, address or admit…like my closet hiding clothes that no longer fit.


That’s what the Full Moon is doing.


Flipping the light switch on so you can see deep into the shelves of my closet, well, of your soul….


What have you stuffed down, hidden away or have simply outgrown?


Are there thoughts that no longer suit your fabulous, dazzling you?


Are there old labels or beliefs that you’ve been carrying around for decades and need to be tossed?


Use the energy and light of the full moon to reveal what you can let go of.


If it’s taking up precious space (and blocking some of your vibrant light) then it’s gotta go. You’re simply  too valuable my dear.


If you’re ready, here’s what you do.


A couple days, hours, minutes before and even during the full moon ask yourself – what would benefit my life to release, shed or change?


Simple as that.


The reply will come in an inner-knowing aka as your intuitive voice, intuition, instincts…baby, you already know the answer, the full moon just confirmed it.


Next, set your intention to release it! (Suuuuuper easy right?)


Think of 3-5 ways your life is going to be better once you’ve actually let this go. Put some imagination behind this new outcome. Daydream scenarios with this new upgrade. Go all out! Recruit as many senses as you can. This is your dream coming true, so layer it with textures of things that rock your world!


When the full moon appears, stand before it. (Indoors, outdoors anywhere in the moonshine.)


With your arms open wide (like you’re going in for a tender bear hug) take a cleansing breath and give a big exhale releasing that old, stagnant stuff.


Next breath, slowly inhale through your nose while thinking about the new dreams, feelings and excitement that you were daydreaming about earlier.


Continue breathing while you let your new vision and new energy percolate and spiral and sizzle. When you feel your soul knows this new energy is incorporated into your being take another deep breath in through your nose and slowly exhale out of your mouth.


Wrap this up with gratitude. (Nothing has to be elaborate. You can even just say, “thanks”.)


You can just stop there.


Take it farther.


I like taking an extra step with smudging. I want to make sure that negativity or thought I just released is totally gone.


(Just like when I clean out my closet. Once it’s in a bag, I can still pull it out and put right back on my shelf. Once I go the extra step and drop it off at a donation center, it’s gone!)


Smudging is going to lift away any of that lingering connections and make it auulll gone.


Questions on smudging? Here’s a link to my short, but succinct video.


If you can’t smudge, then washing your hands works as a nice completion.


Questions on what happens if you can’t find the moon?


Don’t worry about it. Totally okay, Stand anywhere. Set your intention to be releasing this (fill in the blank) with the help of the full moon and give it a go.


What are you ready to release? Please comment below and let me know!









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