Celebrate Your Life Shifts

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Gearing up for a life shift is like getting ready for a road trip. It could be something huge like a vacation across the country, or small like a weekend getaway. Whether your shift is large or small it is still cause for celebration!

In this video I talk about how to celebrate your life-shifts whilst keeping the potholes at bay.



1. Set Your Goal & Work Backwards.

Once you’ve identified your end goal you can break down your journey into manageable steps.


2. Create a playlist.

Do you need to get amped up? Focused? Maybe you need to relax and get into zen mode. Create a soundtrack to help you get in whichever zone you need.


3. Sweep Away Negativity.

While you are going through a life shift try to reduce time spent around any Negative Nancys. Shifts naturally include change which can be stressful enough so set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with supportive and uplifting people.


4. Create a Vision Board

Flip through magazines for images that you are attracted to and cut them out. When you are ready glue them onto a poster or foam board. This will display what you want to bring into your life and serve as a reminder for why you want this life shift.


5. Loving Self-Talk.

This is your time, your dream, and your opportunity. Make a habit of positive self-talk, you are the person you spend the most time with after all. Find phrases that resonate with you. That way if a pothole comes along or something goes awry you are ready.

My go-to phrases are All is well and I can do this.


6. Celebrate!

Celebrate you and all of the things you have done right!


I would love to hear from you- What life shift are you experiencing? What steps or strategies help you when you are going through a shift? Leave a comment below 🙂  


 P.S. (I almost left you without the vision board example!)






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