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Today I’m coming to you live from Louisville, KY with Jessica from Drinks at the Plaza. In the video below, I talk to you about why it is so important to bet on yourself. Around 6 minutes in Jessica joins me and shares how her mom started Drinks at the Plaza (they create stunning hats and fascinators for the Kentucky Derby) and shares advice for starting a new creative endeavor.



Why should you bet on yourself? 

1. Your Shoes. 

Only you can fill your shoes. When chasing your dream you might find plenty of people giving you their advice and while it is fine to listen to other’s opinions it might not all be right for you. They are pursuing their own dream and how they achieved success may not be the perfect blueprint for how you will achieve success. You are pursuing your dream.


2. Your Voice. (Neigh!)

By voice I’m referring to your inner voice, or intuition. It is so important that when you are running your race you listen to your intuition. Why? It provides the best advice and know-how for you.

You will put yourself in the right place at the right time and you’ll be prepared when opportunities come knocking. When you listen to your intuitive voice, your dreams will come true faster than if you just listen to someone else’s intuition. They may have some great insight and clarity but check with yourself to determine if it’s really right for you.


3. The Finish Line. 

It’s your race only, so there’s comparison to anyone else. If you are comparing then you are viewing someone else’s race. You might think oh, she’s so talented. But you have your own talents.

When you celebrate your natural talents and your own race, you will find whole new opportunities coming for you. 

The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow and today you can be sure that not one horse is considering the other horses. If anything they thinking I can’t wait for my oats, or I can’t wait for a cool bath or even I can’t wait to run!


So in the spirit of the Derby, focus on running your own race. Where is your finish line? What are the right steps to get you there? And to see more of Jessica’s beautiful creations or to have her create a custom look be sure to check out Drinks at the Plaza. 




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