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Discover Your Manifesting Style 

Reveal your manifesting preference. Start by taking my Manifesting quiz. Receive your free tips and shortcuts to USING your unique MANIFESTING strengths to manifest a wildly successful life!

Decide Which Forgotten Tools of the Universe Are Natural To You

Open back to the magical tools your ancient ancestors used for protection, magic and manifesting their dreams!



Apply the Essential Manifesting Guidebook

KNOW how to tune in and APPLY the manifesting energies that are naturally flowing! Apply the monthly worksheets, follow each month's cheatsheets, and take your manifesting superpowers to the next level!

Begin the Goddessologist™️ Way

Reconnect to your divine self and unleash your goddess manifesting powers! Start by taking my Goddessology® quiz. Receive your free guide on how to USE your unique Goddess strengths to apply the spiritual tools and manifest a wildly successful life!


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