Trish's Official Media Bio

Trish Mckinnley has tremendous intuitive talents that she shares with the world every day. From her offices and within workshops across the country, she works as an intuitive spiritual teacher, executive coach, and voice-over artist. She is also an author, speaker, and Reiki Master.

Once you work with Trish or hear her speak you'll love her energy! She is a true lover of nature and an animal enthusiast. She believes strongly that being connected to the natural world is hugely empowering on so many levels.

Her approach is simple and powerful: she introduces people to proven tools, techniques, and universal wisdom that are completely transforming lives. Plus her background in personality typing for 20 years, working with corporations and individuals, means that she is an expert on what makes us all tick.

Trish has been a featured keynote speaker at meetings and conferences, and she joined other high profile experts who were part of the national Your Best Life Yet Summit. Trish is a contributing author to the bestselling books 365 Life Shifts and Goodness Abounds, and her own book, The Roar of the Rabbit is being launched in 2019.


Trish McKinnley standing and presenting a workshop in front of a dozen people sitting down
Promotional picture of Trish McKinnley's 'Your Best Life Yet' event poster
Trish McKinnley sitting on the floor