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Have you ever doubted your abilities?

Maybe felt unworthy?

Or maybe you're so busy beating yourself up that you've forgotten how  awesome  you truly are?

I know that feeling...

I was a spaz!

I think that's the technical term for an anxious, professional worrier and that's what I was. Who wouldn't be as a single mom with 6 kids - right?!

I knew I desperately needed a shift... I needed something!

So I turned to the greats for guidance. I became a student of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Ernest Holmes. Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, Abraham Hicks and Dale Carnegie.

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I gobbled up their books, knowledge and insight and was lucky enough to even attend events when they were still in small rooms. (I'm still squealing in delight!)

I studied and honed my craft - even becoming a certified crystal healer!

I've used these techniques to manifest a lucrative career, weight loss, the perfect dress, my dream car (yes, with HEATED seats - Ohio's winter is brrrr), parking spots, the bed I always wanted, funding for my kids' college, a horse (and even a FARM to go with my horse!), the best friendships ever, financial security and the oh-so-sweet peace of mind.


I didn't stop there! 

Icing on the cake?

I've manifested my happily-ever-after complete with my prince charming!


My goal is to get YOU in tune with the life you desire


Now it's YOUR turn.

I know YOU are meant to shine.

It IS time to step into your light.

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Interesting Tidbits

Trish McKinnley manifesting expert, wearing black t-shirts and jeans, smiling widely and looking happy

Panther is my Animal Totem. ????

I have it bad for Sweet Tart Ropes, coffee ☕ and popcorn. (Not necessarily in that order...but close)

Cinderella, American Dreamer & The Scarlet Pimpernel are my Top 3 movies.

I have 6 kids, 2 step-daughters, and countless others we consider family.

Always a fan of animals, my most recent addition is a horse named Denahi. (All the fur babies are frequent subjects on my Instagram.)

I've leant my voice to amazing brands including: United Way, Macy's, Procter and Gamble, Gerber, Shell, Petco, Sea World and Ziploc to name a few (I've also voiced some audiobooks 🎧).


I feel so privileged & thrilled to have voiced the following Audio Books

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