Hi, I'm Trish!

I'm an intuitive expert and abundance strategist.

I help you tune in & apply the right tools to get the life you want.


I Was a Spaz.

I think that's the technical term for an anxious, professional worrier and that's what I was. Who wouldn't be as a single mom with 6 kids - right?!

I knew I desperately needed a shift... I needed something!

So I turned to the greats for guidance. I became a student of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Ernest Holmes. Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, Abraham Hicks and Dale Carnegie.

I gobbled up their books, knowledge and insight and was lucky enough to even attend events when they were still in small rooms. (I'm still squealing in delight!)

I've used these techniques to manifest a lucrative career, weight loss, the perfect dress, my dream car (yes, with HEATED seats - Ohio's winter is brrrr), parking spots, the bed I always wanted, funding for my kids' college, a horse (and even a FARM to go with my horse!), the best friendships ever, financial security and the oh-so-sweet peace of mind.

I didn't stop there! 

Icing on the cake?

I've manifested my happily-ever-after complete with my prince charming! ????

From Stress to Success

The steps that worked for me, I know will work for you. I've been teaching this for 25 years!

Sure, worry still occurs.

This is life.

But, worry, stress and insecurities (like not having enough money for bills) will never have a debilitating grip again.

Isn't it time YOU experience more peace, more bliss and more love?


My goal is to get you in tune with the life you desire.

Have you ever doubted your abilities?

Maybe felt unworthy?

Or maybe you're so busy beating yourself up that you've forgotten how ✨ awesome ✨ you truly are?


I Know That Feeling.

I use to believe I wasn't worthy to look you in the eyes or even face you. I believed that somehow my face would make you physically ill and I should not even be breathing your air.

See, in 7th grade Sunday School class, Mark stated, "You know the older you get the uglier you get."



But those words resonated and I wore them like a tattoo.

They colored my every action and my every belief about myself.

People would compliment me but I only heard Mark's words. I went though life smiling, pretending to be confident and beautiful all the while knowing I was a poser.

Somewhere within me, Marks words resonated. I was aligned vibrationally so they stuck. They took root. Those words ruined the soil of my soul's garden so that nothing else could grow.

(How often has that been you? Have you ever been criticized and totally owned that negativity? Or berated yourself leaving your light barely flickering?)


My light wasn't only under a bushel -
it was struggling to remain.

Who am I kidding?
To be honest, my light was almost extinguished.

But I wanted something better. At that time I had 4 kids. I wanted to be better for them. I wanted to be a shining example for them.

I asked God for guidance.

I got wine.

And a book.


Snuggled with my jug of Rhine wine and "Peak Performance Principles for High Achievers," I read, highlighted pages and sipped on wine.

The next day an acquaintance gave me Wayne Dyer's book, "Real Magic."

Timing is everything!

It was as if God said, "You asked - here ya go!"

He breathed new fire in me and turned my little light into a super-sized flame. I torched that bushel!

Memories of the magical parts of my upbringing flooded back. How to listen and trust your sixth sense (intuition). How to talk to and call on angels. How animals help us and how to apply their wisdom. How crystals transform us. I felt deserving and worthy of this knowledge.


I had meditated since I was 15. Ten years later my meditations were life changing. I was connected to the universe. I was a student of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Norman Vincent Peale and Dale Carnegie to name a few.


I began teaching angel classes, meditation classes and abundance classes. I learned energy healing and became a Reiki Master. My sole purpose became making sure your light wasn't hidden and that you knew how brightly you are meant to shine!

If you have a "Mark" in your life - words that have been spoken over you by someone else or even your sweet self - that are somehow dousing your brilliant flame, then please allow me to share your journey. Please let me breathe new light into your world. Let's fan your flame!

I believe your light matters.

I know you are meant to shine.

It IS time to step into your light.



The world needs your voice and your light!

Trish Signature- TrishMckinnley.com

Interesting Tidbits

My favorite quote: "Every little bit helps said the old lady who peed in the ocean." - My Aunt Alma. 1879 - 1972

Panther is my Animal Totem. ????

I have it bad for Sweet Tart Ropes, coffee ☕ and popcorn. (Not necessarily in that order...but close)

Cinderella, American Dreamer & The Scarlet Pimpernel are my Top 3 movies.

I'm a regular attendee (and recruiter) for the Perseid Meteor Shower.

I have 6 kids, 2 step-daughters, and countless others we consider family kids.

Always a fan of animals, my most recent addition is a horse named Denahi. (All the fur babies are frequent subjects on my instagram.)

The meaning of life? Love.

My new book, 90 Days to Clear Intuition, will be available in 2019. 

This interactive journal will teach you how to fully listen, trust and confidently apply your fabulous intuition. Each day is a fun activity building your inner knowing. If you're ready and participate You WILL be amazed at what a badass you truly are!

Don't miss out! Stay up to date AND get the Forgotten Tools of the Universe videos plus so much more. ????


"Trish is an amazing woman to work with! 

I accomplished more in three meetings with Trish than I had working over a year and a half with a different coach.  Trish is able to dial into exactly what is going on in your life and tell you what you need to do to move forward; she does it in a direct but very caring manner. 

I absolutely love working with her and always look forward to our time together!  She is definitely a soul sister!!"


— Karen O.

"Trish has such an incredible gift! After meeting with her, I felt at peace in a way that I hadn't felt since my mom passed away.

Working with Trish helped rekindle something in me that had been missing. I feel more in touch with my self and have a newfound love of my job.

I am forever grateful to Trish for sharing her gifts of intuition and guidance."

— Peggy J.

"Trish's energy and love is contagious!"

— Brad O.

"Working with Trish I have learned how to release negativity and worry. My life has become happier and more joyful thanks to her direction, guidance, and practical tips."


— Sarah D.

"I never knew there were so many ways to use crystals. I just thought they were pretty. Trish has me using them to manifest all sorts of great things. And, it works!"

— Rhonda S.

"My life is completely different since I took Trish's Animal Totem class. I have been able to overcome anxiety, have a new confidence and completely new sense of peace. I suggest Trish to everyone and anyone who wants a positive shift in their life."



— Tom J.

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