How to Benefit From Spring Equinox Energy

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Spring Equinox – How to Benefit and Thrive

How to Use Spring Equinox

How to Benefit from Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox

Are you ready for a new beginning and a fresh start?

Have you been wanting to change jobs or start a new relationship or make the first step towards that project you’ve been putting off?


Then you’re ready to benefit from

Spring Equinox energy!


Spring Equinox happens every year when the sun crosses the equator into the northern atmosphere bringing sunshine, warmth and vibrancy. This energy is similar to how you feel when you naturally wake on a cozy morning…no alarm, just stretching and waking on your own. Such a great feeling!


Make this energy work for you!



Optimism & Joy


It’s natural and contagious. You may not even notice that you’re suddenly looking on the bright side! The Spring Equinox brings joy. Use this heightened optimism for being a manifesting magnet.


So how does that work?


Optimism raises your vibration. Vibration is like a signal.Ā  It’s going along lining up with similar vibrations. You’re feeling quiet and reserved, you’ll have more experiences where you can be quiet and reserved. Feeling loud and gregarious, you’ll attract similar encounters.


Joy boosts your signal.


The higher your joy meter the stronger your signal.


A strong give-me-blessings signal comes when you’re experiencing joy.


The Spring Equinox is tuning you into joy andĀ optimism. Your vibration is boosted. This makes you a manifesting magnet. Use this time to truly focus on what you desire.


New Growth

New growth is popping up everywhere with the spring equinox– outside and inside. You’ll notice nature having new growth. Tap into this spring equinox energy in your business, love life and any personal dreams you’d like to achieve.


Listen to your intuition. What new direction are you feeling? Are you suddenly feeling led to sign up for a class? Call a friend? Text a co-worker? Trust your instinct and take action!Ā 


Guidance is springing you into action so you can achieve your dreams with less effort and resistance. This is a time to take risks.Ā Ā 



Color is peeking through the landscape. Are you noticing a particular color popping out?


This is a positive path full of encouragement appearing for you. Incorporate these colors too for easier manifesting.Ā 


  • Yellow brings warmth and prosperity.


  • Pink brings love and patience.


  • Purple brings higher calling and intuition.


  • Green brings peace and prosperity.


  • White brings fresh start and clean slate.





Creating and decorating an egg mandala combines the power of color and Spring Equinox energy. Use the symbolism of the egg for new birth and fertility and the power of color to give your dreams the perfect boost.

Let’s do this together!

Download my *FREE* Spring Equinox Manifestation BonusĀ if you’re ready to manifest NOW!

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