Hey Gorgeous!

Are you ready to manifest the amazing life you know deep down you were meant for?

I'm talking about the stress free, money flows in faster than you can count kinda life.

Each of these programs have been created to help raise your vibe and get into the receptive mode so that you can manifest your dream life faster and easier than ever before.


My monthly membership site gives you access to timely info, guidance, and exercises to help you easily manifest a life of ease & joy.

The Universe does have an easy button! And you just found it. Learn the secrets to using Each Month's Energy so you can easily and quickly create the life you want. This is hands on and totally supportive of your personality. Join Balance and Bliss to give you peace of mind and the confidence to handle whatever comes your way. Say "no" to stress. Say "YES" to Balance and Bliss!

The essential step-by-step guide to meeting and working with fairies! This online course will walk you through what you need to know about working with and meeting fairies.

Your fairy guides want to work with you as much as you want to work with them!


1 to 1 Coaching

From 30 minute intuitive readings to in-depth life shift coaching, working with Trish is guaranteed to be transformational.

All coaching and readings are carried out via Zoom or in person (depending on location) and will leave you feeling energized and in tune with a higher vibration.

explore the spiritual woo woo