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Sue Ellis

"I had a reading with Trish the other day and was amazed by her picking up exactly what I had been thinking about and the issues that I was facing - without any prompting or explanation from me. She took the time to go over what I had been trying to decide on and also gave me some advice from a higher perspective so that I had more confidence in my direction and path. Trish has a talent and gift. I would highly recommend a reading or session with her."

Sue Ellis-Saller

“Ever since Trish came into my life, I have been able to use the tools she showed me to be able to de-stress and make sure I am focusing my mind and my words on positive and loving thoughts.”

Laura V.


“Trisha has been such a blessing in my life. She reminds me to stop, take a breath, and listen. Her guidance gives me the ability to balance my day better!”

Elizabeth M.

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