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1/2 Hour Intuitive Consultation


Insight and guidance provided by angels and God. Definitely NOT scary, simply accurate. A seamless flow of practical & useful information.

You'll also receive a vibrational boost (like the feeling after a scrumptious vacation) to supercharge your intuition and attract abundance.


Life Shift Consultation


Good for new beginnings, endings and bridging life's chapters.

This includes personalized mantras, step-by-step action plan and an exclusive meditation designed solely for you. Unlimited email communication during the process with a 24 hour turnaround.

This offer has 3 hour long meetings via zoom, skype or in person.

The first hour meeting is to identify your abundance goals, the blockages and immediate steps to overcome and successfully shift. Your personalized plan will be created.

A mid-point hour meeting is established to discuss adjustments and acheivements. Alterations to your personal plan here are continued throughout this process.

A final hour long call will focus on your success stories, how to maintain this trajectory and remain in the flow of abundance.



*Expectations are mandatory. There is currently a wait list for this program. 

An application will be required followed by a 10 minute phone call to ensure we have a great match!

Please click below if you'd like to be notified when positions open.

What Clients are saying

"I had a reading with Trish the other day and was amazed by her picking up exactly what I had been thinking about and the issues that I was facing - without any prompting or explanation from me. She took the time to go over what I had been trying to decide on and also gave me some advice from a higher perspective so that I had more confidence in my direction and path. Trish has a talent and gift. I would highly recommend a reading or session with her."
Sue Ellis-Saller

“I highly recommend Trish because it is truly an amazing thing it is to have someone as brilliant and giving on your team as she is. I love the way she is constantly building you up, allowing you to feast on a variety of perspectives, and encouraging you to be the best you can be physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Kristine B.


“Working with Trish has done wonders for my attitude and my overall outlook on work and life. She taught me how to let go of unpleasant and annoying situations and people so I can be happier and more successful at work. She also helped me to pay more attention to the world around me and taught me how to receive and recognize hidden messages of encouragement that come through animals, nature, and my surroundings.”

- Brittny S.



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