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What is Woo Woo?

Woo woo is all those things that tend to be classified as "new age" or "spiritual." 

It can seem like spiritual woo woo is the latest and newest trend or craze, but it's actually ancient stuff!

People are gushing about the woo woo because they're getting results for an easier and better life. 

Are you curious about the woo woo? Perhaps you've heard of crystals and their healing properties or are interested in trying meditation. Maybe you'd like to discover some of the spiritual woo woo that you've not even heard of yet! 

Then you're in the right place to explore, learn and (if you want) even apply this spiritual guidance!

This is a safe place to explore!

Here you will find videos and blogs that cover various woo woo topics! 

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or hear a new term you'd like covered!

I've got you!

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FULL MOON: How to Harness Full Moon Energy for Positive Energy

October 24, 2018
Third Wave Full Moon

Full moons are gorgeous and bright and…..(drumroll please) the perfect time for a release.   And, while you may be only speculating about werewolves shifting, you know there is definitely energy in the air. Right? You can totally feel it. Full moon brings the energy of illumination.   The sky is lit up!…

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3 Ways to Make the Most of August’s Full Moon

August 24, 2018
August 2018 Full Moon . 4

  Every Full Moon brings impactful energy. In today’s video you will learn 3 ways to use this moon to uncover what is blocking your dreams from fulfillment.     Tonight’s Sturgeon Full Moon brings the energy to go deep and figure out what is going on with your dreams.…

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Lions gate Portal: 5 Quick Ways to Harness The Power

August 8, 2018

  Lionsgate Portal brings an energetic, spiritual and vibrational upgrade.  The shift of Lionsgate Portal makes manifesting easier and quicker with a boost of energy and aligning with more prosperity. Maybe you’re in the game of life, juggling family, school and a career. This time brings the material and immaterial…

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Mini Meditation: Low Time, Huge Benefits

May 20, 2018
How to Mini Meditation | Trish Mckinnley

Full disclosure. I didn’t know I could do a mini-meditation. Having meditated since I was 15, I used to think I had to sit for at least a half hour or more to gain any benefits. So, a meditation was absolutely NOT what I was looking to do when I…

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Chickens Bust a Move & You Can Too!

May 14, 2018

National Dance Like A Chicken Day is May 14th. No need to don feathers, though. All you need to do to celebrate is dance the Chicken Dance. It’s that irresistible, perky polka that gets all ages on the dance floor at weddings, festivals and celebrations! Movements mimicking chickens are easy…

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