Use Full Moon in Scorpio to Unleash Your Inner Goddess

photo of Trish Mckinnley with the words 'Unleash you Inner Goddess'

It’s not easy remembering YOU ARE A GODDESS! Use this full moon in Scorpio to unleash your Inner Goddess. It’s time to reclaim your power! This is the last super full moon of 2020 and Scorpio promises to bring the confidence and power.    Follow these 5 steps to unleash your own sexy, powerful, inner…

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7 Ways to Stay Positive and Motivated

Photo of Trish with the words stay positive and motivated

Have you ever identified with Sally Sunshine or maybe it’s more like Debbie Downer? It can be really hard staying positive and motivated all the time. Life happens…Whether you’re finding more thumbs up or thumbs down interactions, here are 7 ways to stay positive and motivated.   We know our mood and our mindset impacts our…

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