What if journaling could be fun, and able to manifest your dreams while not feeling like homework?

Manifesting Goddess Journals

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Your Manifesting Journal Free Bundle is designed to align with each goddess personality to make sure journaling is a process you enjoy and create success!

Here's what you'll be getting-

A Guided Meditation to connect you with Divine guidance prior and during your writing.

This guided meditation is uniquely created for journaling...

  • Specially designed to listen to before and during writing
  • Opening and connecting with Archangel Uriel for easier writing
  • Timed musical break so you can write freely without watching the clock
  • Uniquely encoded with elevated manifesting vibration
  • No more tuning out your inner guidance (unless you want to) You'll have easier communication with your soul



44 Unique Journal Prompts

These journal prompts are specifically created for manifesting...

  • Designed to get you in the energy to receive blessings
  • Aligning with your soul's divine wisdom
  • Calibrating your vibration to match your manifesting desires
  • Mapping your inner knowingness as you manifest a life better than you even imagined...


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