Develop Your Intuition

You were born with this gift! A knowingness. That 6th sense. 

You knew you had a good feeling about an opportunity although you couldn’t explain it

You just had a sense that something was off with that person so you reached out- and wow- were you glad you did!

Intuition is that instinct, gut feeling or hunch.

This is the place to learn how to develop your intuition and more.

How intuitive are you?

You've probably wondered how strong your intuition is at some point. 

No need to wonder anymore! Take this quiz to find out if you are an intuitive rockstar or if your intuition is a little less "jamming"!

This is a safe place to explore!

Here you will find tips and tricks on how to develop your intuition! This includes videos and blogs that cover how to recognize, trust and act on your intuition! 

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions!

I've got you!

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Top 10 Tips to Get A Great Psychic Reading

By Trish Mckinnley
10 Tips for a Great Psychic Reading | Trish Mckinnley

Getting a psychic reading can be great and informative or weird and disappointing. Here’s how to guarantee a successful reading!     Bonus Tips for Each Goddess! GODDESS OF ACTION – Allow the reader to be in control and deliver the messages at her pace. Don’t be pushy or try to…

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3 Ways to Clearly KNOW Your Best Step

By Trish Mckinnley
Image of brown shoes up the stars with overlay text '3 Ways to Clearly Know Your Best Step' by Trish McKinnley

#TUNE IN TUESDAY No more feeling like life is a game of Twister! Know your best step for each decision.     Wanting even more steps? Then sashay on over to 7 Surefire Ways to Know Your Best Move where you’ll get to the soul of the matter! ????   XOXO,…

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7 Surefire Ways to Know Your Best Move

By Trish Mckinnley
Picture of mountain with text overal: '7 Surefire Ways to Know Your Best Move'

Rock and Hard Place No need to feel stuck, concerned or lodged between a rock and a hard place. Get set. Go!  Or, waaaaaait! Hold everything! Stay put. Take a breath! Don’t move unless you know that you KNOW this is the right action for you. Your intuition will not lead…

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Bet On You

By Trish Mckinnley
Pictures of horse and jockeys racing with 'Bet On You' written at top

Today I’m coming to you live from Louisville, KY with Jessica from Drinks at the Plaza. In the video below, I talk to you about why it is so important to bet on yourself. Around 6 minutes in Jessica joins me and shares how her mom started Drinks at the Plaza…

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Celebrate Your Life Shifts

By Trish Mckinnley
Highway road through a desert with an overlay title: Celebrate Your Life Shifts

Gearing up for a life shift is like getting ready for a road trip. It could be something huge like a vacation across the country, or small like a weekend getaway. Whether your shift is large or small it is still cause for celebration! In this video I talk about…

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