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Forgotten Tools of the Universe™ Dictionary

Wondering the difference between sage and smudge?

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Does "grounding" sound like what you do to coffee?

No more wondering!

This FREE comprehensive dictionary explains spiritual words in an easy-to-understand way
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This is a safe place to explore!

Here you'll find videos and blogs that cover various spiritual topics! 

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or hear a new term you'd like covered!

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Picture of pink flowers with 'Gratitude Day 3' above it

Gratitude Day 3

Lessons can hurt.  When the impact from the lesson continues to take a toll on our happiness then something MUST be done. This video walks you through releasing the yucky, lingering blockages so you can move forward.      In case you missed the first two days, or just need a…

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Pink flower in grew pot with 'Gratitude - Day 2' written above

Gratitude Day 2- The Nitty Gritty

Ready to continue the Gratitude journey?       Need to catch up?  Watch Gratitude Day 1   Or ready to continue? Watch Gratitude Day 3   XOXO,   Want to stay up-to-date on powerful animal guidance? Subscribe to my Exclusive Insider newsletter for more animal talk, plus free, simple tips…

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Pink flower in grew pot with 'Gratitude - Day 1' written above

Gratitude Day 1- Creating Bliss

In today’s video, I talk about Gratitude and how important it is for your overall health.     XOXO,   Want to stay up-to-date on powerful animal guidance? Subscribe to my Exclusive Insider newsletter for more animal talk, plus free, simple tips and techniques for living the life you desire.…

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Highway road through a desert with an overlay title: Celebrate Your Life Shifts

Celebrate Your Life Shifts

Gearing up for a life shift is like getting ready for a road trip. It could be something huge like a vacation across the country, or small like a weekend getaway. Whether your shift is large or small it is still cause for celebration! In this video I talk about…

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Post image with 'Life Shifts' in front of bokeh

Embrace Shifts in Your Life with the ‘Life Shifts’ Book

Becoming an author in ‘365 Life Shifts – Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything’ was a personal life shift.  It was the step that empowered me to pursue my dreams. Successful in other areas, I allowed fear to prevent me from fully pursuing writing.  Well, preparation met opportunity. The question was…

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Women lying down with '7 Tricks to Beat Stress Now' written

7 Tricks to Beat Stress Now

Overcoming stress isn’t always easy, especially when circumstances have created the feeling like you’re becoming as hot as a habanero pepper.  You know stress is about to erupt like a volcano and will take casualties in the wake. How to avoid the carngege and experience immediate stress relief.   1 –…

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