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Forgotten Tools of the Universe™ are the secrets, strategies and shortcuts to manifest success and abundance. It is the ancient wisdom and spiritual guidance to empower your Inner Goddess!

You may have heard of terms like:

Crystals, Meditation, Affirmations or Law of Attraction

Or maybe it's a different spiritual term that you've heard.

The point is - spirituality is becoming more mainstream because people are discovering IT WORKS

Forgotten Tools of the Universe™ has proven results for an easier and better life.

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Learn how to connect, work, and manifest with fairies.



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Discover the ins & outs of a spiritual lifestyle from saging to meditation to working with crystals.

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Forgotten Tools of the Universe™ Dictionary

Wondering the difference between sage and smudge?

Heard a "woowoo" term and curious just what THAT means?

Does "grounding" sound like what you do to coffee?

No more wondering!

This FREE comprehensive dictionary explains spiritual words in an easy-to-understand way
and (if you want) apply this ancient wisdom!

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This is a safe place to explore!

Here you'll find videos and blogs that cover various spiritual topics! 

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or hear a new term you'd like covered!

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Goddess Unleashed Oracle Deck

It’s time to unleash your inner goddess! The Goddess Unleashed Oracle Deck re-establishes your relationship and connection to the wisdom your inner goddess and goddess guides.  I created the Goddess Unleashed Oracle Deck to help you tune into and align with the higher, positive, manifesting vibrations that are ideal for living the life of…

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Why Manifesting Doesn’t Work! Personality Type Manifesting Tips

Knowing your goddess personality type is one of the best manifesting tips as it helps you manifest so much easier and faster. I’ve heard so many manifesting tips and techniques and mixed opinions if they actually work or not. You’ve likely tried at least one that a friend swears by…

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Goddess Sopdet

Have you ever wished you could unlock the secrets to harnessing your own power and potential? Enter Goddess Sopdet—an ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility, change, and transformation. Tapping into Goddess Sopdet’s positive influence can help you to empower your own life. Who is Goddess Sopdet? She is the ancient Egyptian…

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Essential Manifesting Oracle Deck

There are manifesting energies flowing every day – the Essential Manifesting Oracle Deck can help you unlock the magical realm of the universe. The Essential Manifesting Oracle Deck re-establishes your relationship and connection to the wisdom your ancient ancestors applied. These magical manifesting energies are still extremely present and powerful.  I designed this…

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Full Moon Water

You’ve probably heard me talk about making full moon water numerous times. It’s such an easy habit to do each month, and one of my favorite spiritual lifestyle hacks. If you’re wanting to harness the powerful manifesting energy of the full moon, then you’re in the right place! Charging water…

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What Are The 4 Goddess Personality Types?

The Goddess Personality Types are my archetype system which allows you to learn the most effective manifesting techniques for you specifically. They help you to understand yourself at a deeper level- why you act the way you do and your natural preferences. You’ve seen tons of personality quizzes floating around…

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