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Forgotten Tools of the Universe™ Dictionary

Wondering the difference between sage and smudge?

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Here you'll find videos and blogs that cover various spiritual topics! 

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Picture of mountain with text overal: '7 Surefire Ways to Know Your Best Move'

7 Surefire Ways to Know Your Best Move

Rock and Hard Place No need to feel stuck, concerned or lodged between a rock and a hard place. Get set. Go!  Or, waaaaaait! Hold everything! Stay put. Take a breath! Don’t move unless you know that you KNOW this is the right action for you. Your intuition will not lead…

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Pictures of horse and jockeys racing with 'Bet On You' written at top

Bet On You

Today I’m coming to you live from Louisville, KY with Jessica from Drinks at the Plaza. In the video below, I talk to you about why it is so important to bet on yourself. Around 6 minutes in Jessica joins me and shares how her mom started Drinks at the Plaza…

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'Make Time for You' written over an image of table, coffee mug and glasses

SASS ATTACK #1 – Make Time For You

If we want to help others, we gotta first help ourselves! Get ready to say, “I’ll be there in a minute, but first, I need to do this for me. Trust me. You’ll thank me!”  Becoming our first priority helps us be healthier and happier and able to give more…

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Back of blonde woman with title 'Overcoming Doubt & Fear'

Overcoming Doubt & Fear

  In the video above I talk to all you goddesses about how to overcome doubt and fear.   XOXO,     Want to stay up-to-date on powerful animal guidance? Subscribe to my Exclusive Insider newsletter for more animal talk, plus free, simple tips and techniques for living the life…

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Women's head resting on her knees with title overlay: 'Feeling grateful when you're sad, angry or totally bummed out

Feeling Grateful When You’re Sad, Angry, or Totally Bummed Out

Lessons come in all different ways.  Sometimes through another, sometimes through an experience and sometimes being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Blockages, Obstacles and/or Heartaches open a wide array of emotions. This negative interaction can continue to weigh us down, impact our future decisions and hold us…

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Picture of pink flowers with 'Gratitude Day 3' above it

Gratitude Day 3

Lessons can hurt.  When the impact from the lesson continues to take a toll on our happiness then something MUST be done. This video walks you through releasing the yucky, lingering blockages so you can move forward.      In case you missed the first two days, or just need a…

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