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Forgotten Tools of the Universe™ Dictionary

Wondering the difference between sage and smudge?

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Does "grounding" sound like what you do to coffee?

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This FREE comprehensive dictionary explains spiritual words in an easy-to-understand way
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Here you'll find videos and blogs that cover various spiritual topics! 

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or hear a new term you'd like covered!

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Image of children running around a May Day pole with the title above '5 Ways to Celebrate Beltane'

5 Ways to Celebrate Beltane

I know it was a loooong time ago, but I remember celebrating May 1st – Beltane – in school. We made crowns out of flowers and danced with tied ribbons around a “maypole.” (The tetherball pole on the playground with the balls removed.)   Color was everywhere.   Creativity blooming.…

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Top 5 Benefits of a Digital Detox

Top 5 Powerful Benefits of a Digital Detox

A what, you ask? A Digital Detox is deliberately limiting your technology usage.   Sounds like an impossible feat!   Ever done something you thought you couldn’t and then once you’ve accomplished it you felt like a superhero?   That was me!   What was that magnificent accomplishment?   I’m…

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Tell This Person - I Love You | Trish Mckinnley

Tell This Person “I Love You” Today

I love you. Three little words that mean so much. Do you say them easily or is it difficult for you to express your love? When we first say them to another person there is so much weight and anticipation, maybe even trepidation. Do they feel the same? Will they…

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10 Tips for a Great Psychic Reading | Trish Mckinnley

Top 10 Tips to Get A Great Psychic Reading

Getting a psychic reading can be great and informative or weird and disappointing. Here’s how to guarantee a successful reading!     Bonus Tips for Each Goddess! GODDESS OF ACTION – Allow the reader to be in control and deliver the messages at her pace. Don’t be pushy or try to…

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Dream Like Amelia Earhart Image

Dream like Amelia Earhart

Dream & Take Flight like Amelia Earhart! Are you allowing your dreams to take flight? Are you tapping into your Goddess Personality to create a smoother dream take-off and path? Vision Board. Dreamer. Overcomer. All accurate descriptions of Amelia Earhart! Never permitting ailments, public beliefs or circumstances to stop her,…

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Say Something Nice Day

Say Something Nice Day

Say Something Nice Day is an opportunity to focus on kind words, inspiration and encouragement. Whenever we have a chance to offer uplifting messages the benefit is two-fold. The recipient experiences a totally wonderful day and we the deliverer experiences a chemical rush of the feel-good hormones.    Compliment- Polite…

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