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Trish McKinnley pouting with 'Mercury Retrograde' written beside her

Mercury Retrograde Effects Communication: 6 Ways to Use It Wisely

Computer glitches. Phones seeming possessed and suddenly you’re revisiting old relationships. You’re not crazy. You are sensitive to the cosmic energy of Mercury Retrograde.    Mercury Retrograde impacts electronics, travel, contracts and communication. Just like the Sun provides energy and impacts our mood, Mercury Retrograde affects communication. You’ve probably experienced it.…

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Sage Cleansing Yourself

Sage Cleansing Yourself

One of the best ways to clear your energy field is by sage cleansing yourself, or smudging yourself. It’s incredibly simple to do and can be done anytime you want.   Just like you take a shower to clean off dirt and grime, sage cleansing yourself clears away negativity and…

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Trish McKinnley and Karen Noe laughing

Karen Noe Interview | We Consciousness

**This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I’ll totally blow on coffee and dog treats for my pups!** Karen Noé brings messages of love and peace.   Achieving love and peace isn’t always easy.    Life happens.    Karen…

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Third Wave Full Moon

FULL MOON: How to Harness Full Moon Energy for Positive Energy

Full moons are gorgeous and bright and…..(drumroll please) the perfect time for a release.   And, while you may be only speculating about werewolves shifting, you know there is definitely energy in the air. Right? You can totally feel it. Full moon brings the energy of illumination.   The sky is lit up!…

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Saging 101

(This post may contain affiliate links. This just means at no additional cost to you I may earn a little on sales made through those links.)   Have you heard about saging? What about smudging? You may be thinking, well I know all about smudging! I smudge my lipstick…my mascara……

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'Words Are Powerful' with Trish McKinnley

Words are Powerful

Have you ever caught yourself talking, but not really paying attention to what you’re saying? Sometimes I feel like I’m just going, “blah, blah, blah.” I think I’m adding great stuff when I’m actually filling up dead air or sharing stuff no one really cares about.    Or!    Sometimes…

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