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Trish McKinnley holding up purple crystal with 'Crystals to Help Sleep' written beside her

Crystals to Help Sleep

It seems like we are all on an eternal quest for a good night’s sleep. Right?     You feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed.   But that’s where you are probably WRONG!  Have you tried using crystals?? Yes, you…

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Trish McKinnley looking at the title 'Crystal Power'

Why Are Crystals So Powerful

Our ancient ancestors always knew that crystals are powerful! While documentaion from the 4th millennium BC wrote of crystals and their uses, ancient civilizations all around the world applied crystals for healing, protection and good luck. Really cool since they weren’t using powerful crystals for phones, clocks and computers yet!…

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Trish McKinnley holding a pencil and notepad with 'Automatic Handwriting Answer to a Problem' text beside her

Automatic Handwriting: Answer to a Problem

Do you have a niggling question?   One of those questions that no matter how long you’ve thought about it, you just aren’t sure of the answer?    Automatic handwriting, or auto writing, can help!   Auto writing is the key to tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition to…

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Trish McKinnley smiling with 'The Angels for the Holidays' beside her

The Angels for the Holidays

Working with angels is like when you’re networking for a job, asking others to keep you in prayer or vying for favor in any capacity. You get a lead on a connection. This connection has clout. Maybe they’re the spouse, the parent, the child, the bff…the connection is intimate and…

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How to Hear Angels Clearly 3 Simple Steps

How To Hear Angels Clearly: 3 Simple Steps

Hearing angels clearly makes life so much easier, it almost feels like cheating! Can you imagine help instantly easing heartache over a relationship gone south? ~ Or~ having daily guidance with shortcuts making a dream come true easier and quicker? ~Or~ having the most loving and wisest friend who happens…

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Mercury Retrograde and Improving Intuition

3 Ways to Improve Your Intuitive Voice

Mercury Retrograde can be very useful! No need to fear Mercury Retrograde and its negative impact. In fact, you can use Mercury Retrograde to figure out what is hushing, hiding and silencing your intuitive communication. In 2022, Mercury Retrogrades 13 January to 3 February, 10 May to 3 June and…

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