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Headshot of Trish in front of trees with the title 'How to see a fairy' beside her

How to See a Fairy & Use Their Energy to Manifest Them Instead of Blocking Them

Over the past few weeks I’ve shared with you how to use fairy energy to manifest and how to stop blocking fairy energy so now you should be ready to learn how to see a fairy!   You now know fairies: Help you manifest Also speed up and make manifesting easier Bring joy, optimism and creativity…
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Trish putting her hands up with 'how to unblock fairy energy' written over her

How to Unblock Fairy Energy for Easier Manifesting

Working with fairies helps you be happier, more joyous, more optimistic, more creative and…fairies help you manifest more easily! So it’s time to unblock fairy energy!!   In last week’s video I explained how fairy energy is perfect for manifesting what you desire. You know it and yet nothing seems to be happening…   If you’re feeling…
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Headshot of Trisha McKinnley with the title 'Fairy Energy for Manifesting' Overlaying

Fairy Energy for Manifesting What You Desire

Fairies bring a great energy for manifesting! It’s time to discover how you can use fairy energy for manifesting what you desire.   When was the last time you really thought of fairies? Maybe it was when you were a child clapping along because Peter Pan said we had to clap & let Tinkerbell know that we believed in…
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Gratitude Day 1- Creating Bliss

By Trish Mckinnley
Pink flower in grew pot with 'Gratitude - Day 1' written above

In today’s video, I talk about Gratitude and how important it is for your overall health.     XOXO,   Want to stay up-to-date on powerful animal guidance? Subscribe to my Exclusive Insider newsletter for more animal talk, plus free, simple tips and techniques for living the life you desire.  

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Celebrate Your Life Shifts

By Trish Mckinnley
Highway road through a desert with an overlay title: Celebrate Your Life Shifts

Gearing up for a life shift is like getting ready for a road trip. It could be something huge like a vacation across the country, or small like a weekend getaway. Whether your shift is large or small it is still cause for celebration! In this video I talk about how to celebrate your life-shifts…

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Embrace Shifts in Your Life with the ‘Life Shifts’ Book

By Trish Mckinnley
Post image with 'Life Shifts' in front of bokeh

Becoming an author in ‘365 Life Shifts – Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything’ was a personal life shift.  It was the step that empowered me to pursue my dreams. Successful in other areas, I allowed fear to prevent me from fully pursuing writing.  Well, preparation met opportunity. The question was do I go through the…

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7 Tricks to Beat Stress Now

By Trish Mckinnley
Women lying down with '7 Tricks to Beat Stress Now' written

Overcoming stress isn’t always easy, especially when circumstances have created the feeling like you’re becoming as hot as a habanero pepper.  You know stress is about to erupt like a volcano and will take casualties in the wake. How to avoid the carngege and experience immediate stress relief.   1 – RECOGNIZE SIGNS Before things get…

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